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Project Description
The IIS AutoDeploy Tool is a simple yet robust standalone app that automates package deployments to systems that cannot be touched by TFS/msbuild/other automated tools due to security, network lock-down etc. It started as a PowerShell script to empower IT (non-developers) to quickly and efficiently deploy IIS sites without needing to copy/paste or have any knowledge of app pools or IIS for that matter. All they need to know if the package you want to deploy and the name of the site, the app does everything else!

This tool helped greatly reduce Production deployment times (45 minutes became little over 5 minutes), which over the course of a 6 month engagement resulted in substantial time savings as well as increased quality - each release is done the same way, there is a diff which catches any mistakes in configuration and the site maintenance is managed for you automatically.


  • .NET 4 and 4.5 versions
  • 7zip integrated
  • Includes web.config diff as sanity check before final push (diffs current and new web.config, complete with diff highlighting)
  • Ability to simultaneously deploy to multiple IIS nodes (in redundant setups). Simply provide the FQN or IP :)
  • Dependency class runner (allowing user injected dependencies to be run prior to completing push)
  • Fully genericized code for easy extensibility


  • IIS Management Tools and Scripts



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